Let's Dance!
Let's Dance!
ĞLet's Danceğ is the story of people who have one thing in common: the love of dance. Breakdancing, ballet and Latin dance are their passions, and all have one great goal: to appear on stage. Director Florian Gebauer accompanies a Latin formation, a breaker combo and students of the Vienna State Opera ballet school on the way to the decision on success and failure. In the process, he captures the passion to dance, shows personal moments and provides some interesting insights into the extensive rehearsal and preparation work. And of course the camera is there when the curtain finally rises.
Dance on the Spot
Dance on the Spot
Austria boasts a very active young dance scene, which has assumed a remarkably independent role within the international world of dance. The Vienna Dance Biennial of 1982 to 1994 contributed a great deal to the importance that dance has acquired in Austria over the years; the Internationale Tanzwochen Wien and the ImPuls Tanz festival, now held for fifteen years, have added further impact to the scene. All these events have fostered the country's role in dance and have attracted new audiences.
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