Myths of the Alps
Year: 2008
Run-Time: 1 x 49 min.

Directed by Manfred Corrine
Written by Manfred Corrine

A co-production of ORF, BMUKK, WEGA Film and ARTE
Available worldwide except for Germany and France

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , French (DUBBED)
Format: 16:9

Myths of the Alps

Mythen der Alpen

Since ancient times the High Alps have been a region of extremes: bizarre landscapes, powerful acts of nature and deprivation for both people and animals. In these regions, myths and sagas were especially powerful. People tried to deal with those forces of nature by explaining them with arcane tales and worshipping powerful gods to calm their fearful minds. Energy fields, stone altars for sacrifices, healing spring waters - they all have a mysterious code that continues to live on in the traditions and rituals of the communities living in remote villages far beyond civilization. This documentary traces these myths to produce a journey through time to the places our ancestors once worshipped, visiting some of the most beautiful mountain regions in the heart of Europe.
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