King of the Taiga
Year: 2021
Run-Time: 1 x 52 min.

Directed by Franz Hafner

Interspot Film for ORF
Available worldwide

Languages: German (ORIGINAL)

King of the Taiga

Sibirischer Tiger

A giant male Siberian tiger crosses the forests of Russia's Far East in search of a new territory, tracked from a distance by biologist Svetlana, crisis manager Yuri and tribal hunter Leonid. Six decades ago just 40 tigers were left in the Siberian taiga. Today there are 600. It's the success story of worldwide conservation, as harsh penalties stopped the Asian medicine and aphrodisiac market. But there's a downsids. No mature male will abandon his territory to a newcomer. Running out of space, tigers are entering villages and towns, killing dogs, cows - even people. Now tigers are even crossing the border into China, and China is creating a National Park for them - half as big again as Yellowstone, networked for video to trace their every move. KING OF THE TAIGA follows tigers as they search for a new home, combining blue chip 4K filming in the wild with astonishing amateur and security footage of four-meter tigers stopping traffic on the highway, marauding in Siberia's cities or hunting a dog in a Siberian village in the dead of night. Given this level of tension, moving to China - or relocating by helicopter to the empty forests of Siberia's extreme wild west - may be the only option left to these magnificent animals.

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