On the Road with Daniel Spoerri - Nouveau Realisme on the Move
Year: 1985
Run-Time: 1 x 30 min.


Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9

On the Road with Daniel Spoerri - Nouveau Realisme on the Move

Herr Spoerri zieht nach Wien

Born in Galati, Romania in the 1930s, Spoerri´s travels have taken him to Switzerland, Germany, France, America, Italy, and finally - at the age of 76 - to Austria, in what he claims will be the last move of his life. The film follows this final relocation, from Lostallo, in the Italian speaking region of Switzerland, to Vienna. The personal belongings of this universal genius offer us a way of understanding his work. Objects that might well be described by a customs official as junk are loaded onto a truck and transported to Austria. The film ostensibly shows an insignificant relocation from A to B, but develops along the way into a vivid examination of art and life.
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