Architects of Illusion
Year: 2007
Run-Time: 1 x 51 min.

Directed by Ute Gebhardt

A co-production of Wega Film, ORF, ARTE and bm:bwk
Available worldwide except for Germany and France

Languages: English (ORIGINAL) , German (DUBBED) , French (DUBBED)
Format: 16:9 , 16:9

Architects of Illusion

Architekten der Illusion

They created the fundaments of the architecture that define the world today. Quickly erected, functional, but representative and affordable - that was the motto with which Fellner & Helmer earned their trademark. Their architectural creations at the beginning of the 20th century correspond to a time of cultural uproar and strong request for theatre buildings in Europe. Noticing this cultural trend Fellner & Helmer became the trendsetters and global players of the «Gründerzeit». Their influences soon spread beyond the borders of the K & K Monarchy. All Theatre directors on the continent were dreaming of a theatrical stage that wore Fellner & Helmer's trademark. A myth was created. This documentary offers the viewer an insight of the life of this ex-ceptional architect-duo, whose buildings still form an important frame for the visual arts in Europe.
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