City of Steel, City of Life
Year: 2006
Run-Time: 1 x 47 min.

Directed by Erich Pröll
Written by Erich Pröll, Manfred Christ

A co-production of ORF and Pröll-Film in association with Kulturhauptstadt Linz09, Land Oberösterreich and Linz AG
Available worldwide

Languages: English (DUBBED) , German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9 , 16:9 , 16:9

City of Steel, City of Life

Linz lebt!

Linz, the capital of the Province of Upper Austria, serves as European Capital of Culture in 2009. In recent years, Linz has blossomed into a model European city that places its technology- and knowledge-based urban industrial centre at equal footing to its manifold cultural events. Against this dynamic backdrop, Linz has similarly managed to demonstrate respect to nature by including ecological factors on all levels of urban planning. Linz 09 - the city in which industry, culture and nature melt into one. This film takes the viewer on an adventure trip of a special kind by following the everyday lives of wild animals that have chosen, of all places in the world, Linz as their habitat. It ventures through the Old Town with quiet paws and then takes you by nosedive to the old tower of the cathedral or in agile leaps through the botanical gardens. Linz is presented through an extraordinary angle - whether sniffed out by dogs and cats, seen by falcon or fish or experienced by bumble bees or foxes.
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