App World
Year: 2011
Run-Time: 1 x 26 min.

Directed by Sandra Czeczelitz

Sandra Czeczelitz
Available worldwide

Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9

App World

Planet App

Small yet powerful. A groundbreaking innovation also referred to as «Apps» are taking over our everyday lives. Apps are available to everyone and each Smartphone user has the ability to own a countless number of these mini-programs. Just one click can open up a whole world of games-apps, Apps for news, sports, translation, navigation as well as social networks such as Facebook. These are just a few of the 550 000 mobile applications available worldwide. With the introduction of this new phenomenon, there has been a clear shift in society. In the past, one was able to judge a person based on the books they read, or the works they pursued. In today's society this is judged by one's mobile applications; in the words of Intel's Wolfgang Petersen «Show me your Apps and I will tell you who you are». Many of the Apps originate in Austria. The college in Hagenberg in Upper Austria is considered one of Austria's most imperative training grounds for young talent in the AppWorld. It is unnecessary to doubt the demand for in the App labor market, as their demand is constantly rising. Many people have become dependent on Apps to help them make their way through everyday struggles; their main attributes being their practicality and their helpfulness. Regardless of the Smartphone device, any suitable App is able to provide one with the required information and content, anytime and anywhere. With the growing influence Apps are having on our everyday lives, the question is how long will it take for Apps to operate our refrigerators and replace our wallets? Which also leads us to the question of whether in fact we need these Apps?
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