Heroes, Cult and Kitchen
Year: 2010
Run-Time: 6 x 45 min.

Directed by Gustav W. Trampitsch

ORF/3sat and MR Film
Available worldwide

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (DUBBED)

Heroes, Cult and Kitchen

Helden, Kult und Küche

History is not just history and a cuisine is not just cuisine. Since time immemorial food, and methods of its preparation, has been closely bound to historical facts, myths and adventures. This six part series takes the viewer on a culinary journey from antiquity to the present day and artfully fashions the deeds and misdeeds of warriors and heroes, as well as everyday miracles, into a mosaic of dishes, rumours and history. From the pharaohs of ancient Egypt to the Phoenicians and Romans, crusaders and Venetians. From the Spanish to the Turks and from the individual adventurers of antiquity to today's internationally networked bands of art thieves. Countless and varied landscapes, as well as the authentic portrayal of their inhabitants, their cuisine and way of thinking, brings to life the mysterious history of the Mediterranean region in breathtaking pictures.
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