The Babenberg World
Year: 1996
Run-Time: 1 x 45 min.


Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 4:3

The Babenberg World

Die Welt der Babenberger

Under the Babenbergs the "Empire in the East" became a land in the centre - Austria became a territory in the heart of Europe. The Babenbergs reigned 270 years, from 976 to 1246. An epoch that reaches far back into the past, a distant mirror in which various worlds become visible: the great world of emperors and popes, of knights and feudal lords - and the small world of the peasants, monks and merchants; that of the European continent with its western national states - and the little Austria, a vaguely defined territory at first which would one day develop into the duchy of Austria of the Babenbergs and finally the multi-ethnic empire of the Hapsburgs. However, in its present dimensions, the Republic of Austria has more in common with the Babenberg realm than with the Hapsburg empire. Today there is a lot of talk of "politics tailored to need". The Babenbergs were involved in the worlds political events of their day, in the power struggle between the emperor and the pope, in the religious quarrels between Rome and Byzantium - and they took part in crusades. In any case, they used this space and proved that it pays to invest in Austria. In a roundabout way, Austria became what it is today. The Babenbergs laid the foundation.
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