The Struggle for Housing - Unaffordable Living in Europe?
Year: 2013
Run-Time: 1 x 30 min.

Directed by Alexander Steinbach and Julieta Rudich

Produced by ORF
Available worldwide

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (VOICE-OVER)
Format: 16:9

The Struggle for Housing - Unaffordable Living in Europe?

EU - Teures Wohnen (Der neue Häuserkampf)

Immigration into large European cities is still growing strong. Living space in Europe's metropolises is going to be scarcer and more expensive. «The new urban combat» describes alternatives to escape this insanity: for example, in Hamburg no apartment may legally remain empty for more than four months. Another new option offers the so-called Cohousing, a planned community that consists of private apartments or houses that are supplemented by extensive communal facilities. However, this housing policy has practically failed in many towns such as in Paris, where there are more homeless people than in Germany. This documentary portrays people who work full time, but still lost their homes.
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