Majestic White Horses - The Spanish Riding School of Vienna
Year: 2005
Run-Time: 1 x 37 min.

Directed by Kurt J. Mrkwicka

Available worldwide

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , Dutch (SUB TITLE) , Japanese (SUB TITLE) , English (DUBBED) , French (DUBBED) , Italian (DUBBED)
Format: 4:3

Majestic White Horses - The Spanish Riding School of Vienna

Die Welt der weißen Pferde - Die Spanische Hofreitschule zu Wien

Majestic White Horses uses as its centerpiece both the world's most famous horses, the Lipizzans of Austria and their home, the internationally famous Spanish Riding School of Vienna, but also captures the heart and mystique of this great animal from the time of its youth to the crowning achievement of its entrance into the School.

The Spanish Riding School is a Viennese legend and in today's ever-changing world a rare and irreplaceable part of world culture. For over four hundred years this Baroque masterwork of architecture has been the home and center of a unique and timeless classical style of riding.

Of course, horses themselves are the main attraction of the film and part of the story retraces the fascinating quest for the true bloodline of this renowned animal. This quest takes the audience on a visual odyssey through Arabia, Morocco, Spain, and Slovenia.

For the first time you will enjoy a look behind the scenes of this piece of extraordinary and unique cultural heritage. The beauty of the Majestic White Horses is also captured in an IMAX film experience that will be an adventure for the entire family.

Available as 1x25 min. / 1x40 min.
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