It's Great to be Alive in Colma
Year: 2019
Run-Time: 1 x 44 min.

Directed by Viktor Stauder

A co-production by ZDF/Arte and Ilona Grundmann Filmproduction
Available worldwide except for Germany and France

Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9

It's Great to be Alive in Colma

Zum Sterben schön! Kaliforniens Friedhofsstadt Colma

It's Great to be Alive in Colma is the portrait of a unique small town in the USA. Colma has two shopping malls, a community centre, town hall, police station, one of the highest densities of car dealerships in Northern California and 17 cemeteries, including an animal cemetery. 1.5 million dead to 1500 living residents.  Among others, the documentary accompanies a stonemason of third-generation Italian immigrants, a landlord whose Irish grandfather recognised the advantage of a pub near a cemetery at an early stage, a florist, a funeral director and the local police chief in their everyday lives among the tombstones.
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