Lower Austria's Wild Forests
Year: 2011
Run-Time: 1 x 24 min.

Directed by Fitz Kalteis
Written by Fitz Kalteis

Namaste Films
Available worldwide

Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9 , 16:9

Lower Austria's Wild Forests

Niederösterreichs Wilde Wälder

They are the relics of ancient primeval forests, and the nucleus of a new understanding of nature:Lower Austria's Wild Forests.

The film portrays natural forests in Lower Austria:the famous Rothwald in the Dürrenstein wilderness area in the district of Scheibbs, the core zones of the Vienna Woods biosphere park, the Marchauen nature reserve and a small, private «primeval forest» on the slopes of the Geisbühel mountain in the Pielach Valley.In each case the starting point is the people who live with and in the forests and who determine their fate. It is only through their passion that these forests have been saved.And only through their vision will they be preserved.The film exposes a difficult balancing act between protection and exploitation.

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