When the Sun Stands Still - Kepler, Galileo and the Heavens
Year: 2009
Run-Time: 1 x 59 min.

Directed by Christian Riehs and Wolfgang Peschl

A co-production of Laufbildgesellschaft and ORF
Available worldwide

Languages: English (DUBBED) , German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9

When the Sun Stands Still - Kepler, Galileo and the Heavens

Wenn die Sonne still steht - Kepler, Galilei und der Himmel

It was 400 years ago that Galileo Galilei opened the window to the skies with a telescope. In 1609 Johannes Kepler published his ŤAstronomia Novať and in the process provided us with a new understanding of our solar system. This documentary tells the little-known story of the curious relationship between the two world-famous scientists: a parallel tale of admiration and rivalry from a time when the disciplines of religion, art and science had yet to be separated. The correspondence exchanged between the protestant Kepler and catholic Galileo began in the 1590s and came to an end in 1610. Based on this correspondence the film shows the world famous scholars in all their humanity: were their actions governed solely by common sense, or did obstinacy, vanity, fear, indecision and a hunger for fame and prestige play a part?

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