Horses of the Gods
Year: 2001
Run-Time: 1 x 51 min.

Directed by Barbara Puskás
Written by Barbara Puskás


Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9 , 16:9

Horses of the Gods

Die Pferde der Götter

In the biggest Catholic country in the world, more and more people are being attracted to other faiths, either partially or exclusively. Special attention is being attracted by the Pentecostal churches, particularly among the urban middle class, and the Afro-Brazilian religions, with Candomblé in the lead. The film plays in Salvador da Bahia, the most African city of Brazil, located in the center of the Candomblé. In Bahia the African gods and the Catholic saints do not exclude each other. Quite to the contrary: in the city in which celebrations take place almost every day, both worlds are represented at street festivals, processions, and even at events in many churches and cultic sites. The ORF team met a Catholic bishop who is very close to the Candomblé, an actress who regularly brings her Orixa sacrifices and a shop owner who has tried out many religions and finally found his place in the Pentecostal Church. Catholicism and Candomblé have learned to live together in Bahia. The Pentecostal Church, "Igrojà Universal de Deus", however, still demands exclusivity. Anyone who wants to be a member has to renounce all the rest of the divine heaven. The church, which owns 80 radio and 21 TV stations, does not appreciate outside media.
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