Jack of all Trades - The Life of Camillo Castiglioni
Year: 2019
Run-Time: 1 x 50 min.

Directed by Georg Ransmayr

Available for Europe only

Languages: German (ORIGINAL)

Jack of all Trades - The Life of Camillo Castiglioni

Der Millionensassa - Das Leben des Camillo Castiglioni

Camillo Castiglioni was an Italian-Austrian Jewish financier and banker, and was the wealthiest man in Central Europe during World War I. Nicknamed «Austrian Stinnes», he was active in aviation's pioneering days and invested in the arts. Castiglioni was credited as being instrumental to the founding of what would eventually become BMW AG and significantly influenced the development of BMW AG in its early years.

This super-rich self-made businessman upstaged everyone with his shady deals. For some, Castiglioni was a visionary financial wizard, for others a grasping and sinister character. The Trieste-born social climber polarized opinion, with Karl Kraus demonising him as a loan shark. However, Castiglioni surprised both his friends and his enemies.

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