Cradle of Alpinism
Year: 2012
Run-Time: 1 x 52 min.

Directed by Gernot Stadler

A co-production by ORF/3sat and Gernot Stadler Filmproduktion
Available worldwide

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (VOICE-OVER)
Format: 16:9

Cradle of Alpinism

Die Wiege des Alpinismus - Vom Ankogel auf die Berge der Welt

The first ascent of the Ankogel on the border between Carinthia and Salzburg in 1762 represents the actual beginnings of alpinism. It was the first time that a glaciated alpine summit over 3,000 metres had been conquered, four years earlier Mont Blanc and other famous Alpine mountains. The pioneering act of a bold farmer with the unusual name of Patschg soon found numerous imitators; in the coming 100 years countless summits followed, including the Grossglockner and Matterhorn, which were climbed by the English mountaineer Edward Whymper, who later also succeeded in scaling Chimborazo for the first time. «Alpinism» soon became the name for extreme mountain climbing, not only in the Alps, but all over the world. The film covers the first time that the Ankogel was climbed 250 years ago, the most important first ascents in the eastern and central Alps, and finally the mountains of the Himalayas - Nanga Parbat and Everest, which are famed and feared in equal measure.
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