More than the Festival - Arts in Salzburg
Year: 2012
Run-Time: 1 x 45 min.

Directed by Peter Beringer

PreTV for ORF/3sat
Available worldwide

Languages: English (VOICE-OVER) , German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9

More than the Festival - Arts in Salzburg

Abseits der Festspiele - Salzburg und die Kunst

The festival is both a blessing and a curse to the city of Mozart. For eight weeks in summer it becomes the artistic centre of the world. Afterwards - seemingly - it falls into hibernation. What is life like for artists here when the festival is over? This documentary poses this question to gallery owner Thaddäus Ropac, caricaturist Thomas Wizany, the young painter Martina Stock, world-class violinist Benjamin Schmid, jazz artist Sabina Hank, break dancer Alex Wengler, culture manager Markus Hinterhäuser and many others. At the end it is clear that the city is artistically energetic and vital, offers excitement and quality of life and holds far more charm than a glance at postcards and festival catalogs would ever lead one to guess.
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