The Freemasons and Music
Year: 2011
Run-Time: 1 x 53 min.

Directed by Michael Meert

A co-production by ORF, WDR and Michael Meert Filmproduktion
Available worldwide except for Germany, Sweden, Finland and The Netherlands (non-exclusively in France)

Languages: English (DUBBED) , French (VOICE-OVER)
Format: 16:9 , 16:9

The Freemasons and Music

Die Freimaurer und die Musik

Freemasonry has been shrouded in a veil of secrecy, mystery and even suspicion since the outset. What lies behind it has undergone many centuries of development that has taken place under a pledge of secrecy. With their progressive ideas and principles, the Freemasons' lodges were always especially attractive for artists and musicians. Between Vienna, Rosenau, Cologne and Washington, this film attempts to get to the bottom of the secretive world of the freemasons through their famous composer members such as Haydn, Mozart, Lortzing and Liszt, Duke Ellington and Irving Berlin, and succeeds in uncovering some surprising insights.
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