Apollo and Daphne
Year: 2019
Run-Time: 1 x 134 min.

Directed by Wolfgang Atzenhofer

Produced by styriarte
Available worldwide

Languages: Italian (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9

Apollo and Daphne

Apollo und Daphne, Fux.Opernfest Vol. 2 -Styriarte 2019

The hunting horn resounds through the Helmut List Halle when Diana and her nymphs lie in ambush. Cupid has fired his arrows of love at Apollo, who now desires the nymph Daphne. To escape his advances, she lets herself be turned into a laurel tree (Lauro) - a magical moment of deep sadness in Fux's otherwise light-hearted baroque opera about love. Alfredo Bernardini and his ensemble Zefiro present a cascade of original sounds brimming with Italianitą. A true «primo uomo» joins the exquisite ensemble of singers of the 2018 opera celebration: countertenor Raffaele Pé. The young singer from Lodi has a striking presence and he sings exquisitely - the audience is sure to be enchanted!
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