The 21st Century Tenors
Year: 2009
Run-Time: 1 x 60 min.

Directed by Directed for television by Volker Grohskopf

Gulbrandt & Max in association with GAB Music Factory and Cinecraft

Languages: No linguistic content (ORIGINAL) , German (TEXT CONTENT)
Format: 16:9 , 16:9

The 21st Century Tenors

Die Tenöre des 21. Jahrhunderts - Russlands Meisterstimmen bezaubern Wien

This project brings together the best operatic soloists from Moscow's stages in a combined opera and operetta musical. Having been awarded the title «Russian National Treasures», they have already celebrated amazing success many cities including London, New York and Tokyo. Seven ancient archetypal characters sway their guests through solo numbers and ensemble pieces across different genres such as Russian folklore, romances, classical arias and melodies from the musicals. The Moscow state dance ensemble, translate the musical works of art into dance and movement. The unique program and a permanent company of seven operatic tenors, who all appear on the same stage at the same time, guarantee the viewers the fullest possible display of the unlimited creative possibilities of the singers and their songs.

Durations: 60 min. / 80 min.

Orchestra: Orchestra Philharmonica Arad, Romania
Ballet: Russian Seasons Ballet
Conducted by Gavriel Heine
Cast: Alexander Bogdanoy, Maksym Paster, Dmitry Sibirtsev, Eduard Semenov, Alexander Skarko, Mikhail Urusov, Alexander Zakharov
Directed by Nikolaj Androssow
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