Freddy and the Beetle Bunch
Year: 2011
Run-Time: 29 x 5 min.

Written by Freddy Gigele and Elfriede Pokorny


Languages: German (ORIGINAL)

Freddy and the Beetle Bunch

Freddy und die wilden Käfer

Join in on the fun with Freddy and the Beetle Bunch - a unique sing-along programme for young children. In each music video, Freddy and his friends present high-energy feel-good songs with an educational twist. The young viewers learn about numbers, colours and much more in an entertaining way. In addition, the lyrics are displayed on screen, along with changing colours and moving images, allowing children not only to sing along but also to acquire initial reading skills and to learn the German language in a fun and entertaining way. But composer Freddy Gigele and his wild beetles have not only won the hearts of kids on TV: Their first CD hit the Austrian CD charts right after it went on sale. And because of the smashing success of their first CD, a new CD by Freddy Gigele and the wild beetles will be out at the end of November. And by popular demand, KidsTV also produced the first DVD in 2010.
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