Engadin - Switzerland's Wilderness
Year: 2014
Run-Time: 1 x 52 min.

Directed by Kurt Mayer

Kurt Mayer Film for ORF, ARTE, NDR in association with Austrian Television Fund, BMBF
Available worldwide except for Germany and France

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , French (DUBBED) , English (DUBBED)
Format: 16:9
sub title

Engadin - Switzerland's Wilderness

Engadin - Wildnis der Schweiz

It was a hundred years ago, when a group of Swiss champions of Nature created Engadin National Park, the Alps' very first wildlife reserve. Human interference ceased: and that meant no more rescue campaigns either, like the secret smuggling of Ibexes over the pass from Italy just a few years before. Nature up here should be as free as the glacier waters have always been. Here, a drop can determine where it wants to go: east to the Inn, Danube and Black Sea, north to the Rhine and the North Sea, or south to the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. A hundred years have passed - and man has watched in wonder as a new balance has established itself in this Alpine wonderland: the Ibex thrive, the bearded vulture is back in force, and even large predators - lynx, wolves and bears - are starting to Claim back their old hunting grounds. This documentary follows their tracks to celebrate a spectacular pioneering story of nature preservation.

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