Year: 2017
Run-Time: 10 x 25 min.

Directed by Michael Starkl

A co-production by Starkl!Film and ORFIII

Languages: German (ORIGINAL)


Paul, a passionate chef searches for his ingredients' roots throughout ten episodes. He rides his somewhat unusual Food-Bike straight to the crops: stopping by alternative vegetable gardens, crayfish breeders and cattle farms - he lets us peak into various Austrian regions. Agriculture is at the heart of this program: unique farmers get a chance to speak. You can almost feel these remarkable personalities' devotion and passion for their craft. The audience is offered a first look into their lives and into their food's production process. The modern camera work captures the regions' landscapes' beauty. The audience can take a direct, truthful glance at the famer's lives. Paul cooks the harvested food right away in the fields, the vineyards and the greenhouses. The farmers accompany Paul is his discoveries, give him many tips and tell him numerous anecdotes. And finally, Paul and the farmers enjoy the meals together. At the end of every episode, an initiative about sustainable agriculture is presented. How can we save perfectly good food from ending up in a bin? What can be done with vegetable or fruit tarts when they won't be sold in shops? How can we make alternative fuel from leftover cooking fat? Every episode discusses one theme, one solution. roadKITCHEN shows the origins, the production and recycling of food. This program brings forward the usually hidden heroes of society: exemplary cultivators with interesting methods and regional products, as well as the selfless, good-natured volunteers for organizations, initiatives and institutions: the people working hard to make our world a better place.  
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