Eurovision Song Contest 2015 - Vienna at its Best

Twelve points, douze points go to … Austria!

Thanks to Conchita Wurst, the 2015's edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place from 19th to 23rd of May in Vienna!

Be invited to get to know Vienna's royal-imperial flair combined with the latest modern architecture and design as well as its most enjoyable leisure and lifestyle and its exquisite traditional cuisine and look forward to the latest news on Conchita's exciting carrier:

Conchita Wurst - The Unstoppable, 1 x 45 min., HD

"Conchita Wurst - The Unstoppable" shows how the Queen of Austria and winner of the ESC 2014, manages to reconcile her schedule with the recording of her new album, performances at concerts, the famous Golden Globes or her legendary debut at the "Crazy Horse" in Paris and thereby always remains faithful to herself and her convictions.

Vienna Opera Ball, 1 x 60 min., HD

This ball is the highlight of the ball season, taking place at the Vienna State Opera, which is being transformed into a glittering ball room. Among the guests are international politicians, businessmen, artists and stars like Sophia Loren, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian.

Salute to Vienna , 1 x 90 min., HD

The Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by the renowned Strauss-specialist Maestro Peter Guth and the young Venezuelan conductor Manuel López-Gómez, electrifies with an enchanting medley of Viennese operetta: arias of "The Merry Widow", "The Land of Smiles" and "The Riviera Girl", as well as a firework of Strauss-waltzes.

150 Years of Splendor - Vienna's Ringstrasse
3 x 30 min., HD

Celebrating the 150th birthday of the "Ringstrasse" in 2015, this trilogy builds a wonderful portrait of this grandiose boulevard and its construction. Until today the impressive and spectacular buildings influenced by Vienna's imperial culture and the "Belle Epoque" create an architectural masterpiece.

Lofty Heights - Vienna from Above
1 x 25 min., HD

An entertaining journey to the lofty heights and classical and modern architectural highlights of Vienna. This documentary presents various views on Vienna from above.

Vienna's Waters, 1 x 48 min., HD

The film shows the routes that the diverted mountain stream takes through the city and how the precious liquid transforms both itself and the city. It explains why Vienna General Hospital is the city's greatest water consumer and observes the waters wondrous transformation on its way to the Danube.

Pepper and Wine , 1 x 25 min., HD

Could the Grüner Veltliner be the new ambassador of refined Austrian pleasure? This film sets out on a culinary and historical journey to find out what lies behind the unmistake ably peppery and spicy flavour of this Austrian wine.

Sweet Vienna , 1 x 25 min., HD

The proverbial «Viennese» pastry clearly evokes the culinary melting pot of what was once the metropolis of the monarchy. And of course the story of «Sweet Vienna» couldn't possibly be told without the great traditional baking names: Demel, Sacher and Altmann are still exporting their pastries all over the world today.

Viennese Confectionary Art - Apart from Austrian Sacher Cake, 1 x 25 min., HD

This film takes a look behind the scenes of Viennese confectionary art and over the confectioner's shoulder, while he creates the delicious Esterházy cake, exquisite handmade sweets and chocolates or even passes his examination for his master's certificate.

Sweet And Sour, Hot And Spicy - Viennese Preserving Art, 1 x 25 min., HD

All these delightful ingredients used in the Viennese Preserving Art have their own history, much is known about them - but there are still a lot of mysteries that need to be unraveled!

Frankfurter, Viennese, Hot Dogs - It's All About the Sausage , 1 x 25 min., HD

Everything has an end - except for the sausage - which has two. The sausage stands as a cultural institution that occupies the space between cuisine and a place to exchange views is as much a topic of this documentary as historic observations on eating habits.

The Vienna Roll - A Little Cultural History
1 x 25 min., HD

What makes a good roll? Isn't it possible to make crisp rolls from whole grain? Is it true that rolls used to taste better? Why are they called Kaiser rolls and in Germany even "Brötchen"?

The Spanish Riding School - Tradition of Pure Elegance, 1 x 48 min., HD

If it´s the excitement of a performance in the majestic Viennese Riding Hall, the birth of a foal on a stud in Piber
or the exhausting stable work - the fascinating documentary gives an exclusive insight into the development of the "Spanish Riding School", celebrating its 450th anniversary in 2015.

Ballet in White - The Spanish Riding School
1 x 45 min., HD

It is at this stage that a young stallion will become apparent whether or not it will move to Vienna, to become - after a further six years of training - a world-wide star, a Lipizzaner at the Spanish Riding School.

The Empress and the Forest,
1 x 50 min., HD

This hidden ecosystem reveals a macro world of astonishing variety, beauty and colour in the trees and on the ground, and follows the free-roaming deer and wild hogs that live so close to the busy centre of Austria's capital city.

Wasteland Warriors
1 x 50 min., HD

Countless mammals, birds, insects and amphibians are making their homes here once again. The city's wilderness is characterised by their comings and goings, their struggle to survive and their quest to find increasingly scarce resources and habitats.

Keepers of the Ark - A Life for Animals
1 x 52 min., HD

This is the story about Schönbrunn's zookeepers who devote their lives to the animals by witnessing birth, aging process, death and, occasionally, the end of an entire species.

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