Twice a week, the internationally renowned ORF-series UNIVERSUM presents striking high-quality documentaries from all over the world.
Every Tuesday at 8.15 p.m., UNIVERSUM shows the world's best, award-winning wildlife films, using the latest camera techniques to provide astounding insights into animal behaviour and stunning excursions to the far corners of the globe.

January 2013 marked the beginning of UNIVERSUM HISTORY. Every Friday at 10.40 p.m., this new ORF strand follows the great stories of human history in captivating documentaries, telling tales of the great recurring themes of mankind: love, power and death - using the latest technology and storytelling techniques.

Over the past 25 years, UNIVERSUM has firmly established itself as ORF's most successful and popular strand. UNIVERSUM's roughly 80 broadcasts a year, made up of in-house and international productions, continue to fascinate its broad and loyal audience.

UNIVERSUM works with Austria's most experienced and acclaimed producers, directors, cameramen, composers and editors to create top-quality films that are sold in up to 100 countries and have won numerous awards.

Our cooperation with international partners such as the BBC ensures that UNIVERSUM continues to add the world's best productions to ORF's schedules - from multi-part nature epics to innovative shows on a variety of topics in the fields of history, science and technology.


Andrew Solomon
Head of Department

Tom Matzek
Deputy Head of Department

Birgit Dallinger

Gabriele Wistawel
Production Manager

Roman Landauer
Production Manager

Franz Fuchs
Commissioning Editor

Josef Glanz
Commissioning Editor

Gregor Stuhlpfarrer
Commissioning Editor

Ronja Scherzinger
Production Assistant

Caroline Haidacher
Commissioning Editor