Europe's Last Nomads

The fascinating story about this ancient tradition won 2 Gold World Medals at the New York Film & TV Festival 2017 in the categories "Environment & Ecology" and "Nature & Wildlife"!

"Europe's Last Nomads" leads us through the most savage and extreme landscapes across Europe. Both, humans and animals - often herds of 3.000 sheep, face tremendous climate conditions while on their track through this spectacular scenery.

The Canary Islands

"The Canary Islands" out now!

The stunning documentary "The Canary Island - World of the Fire Mountains " won the "Prix des Clubs Connaitre et Protéger la Nature" at 33e Festival International du Film Omithologique in Menigoute

The brandnew Science Vision documentary takes a close look at the uniqueness of each island with its diversity of terrain and climate - temperate coastlines, scorching deserts, tropical rainforests and frozen, snowcapped mountains.

The Secret Life of Snakes 

"The Secret LIfe of Snakes" a documentary directed by Kurt Mündl has won at the´33e Festival International du Film Omithologique in Menigoute.

Turtle Hero - A Cold Blooded Passion

Just hatched! The brandnew documentary directed by Jeremy Hogarth is finished!

Follow Peter Praschags passion for these cold-blooded reptiles - the freshwater turtles - and explore some of the rarest animals on Earth in "Turtle Hero - A Cold Blooded Passion".

Giants of the Atlantic - Azores

Erich Proell "Giants of the Atlantic - Azores" takes us deep into the gigantic underwater world and wonderful playground for several kinds of wales - the Azores! These vulcanic rocks rise in the mid-Atlantic. Only a few peaks touch the surface, or reach still higher to build nine green gems, forming the islands of the Azores.

Astonishing 4K shots allow us to witness the lives and behavior of the gentle giants of the atlantic - blue sharks, sperm whales, humpback whales and even blue whales!

Making an Ancient Forest - Kalkalpen National Park

ScienceVision's new documentary on the progress of a forest which is not longer trimmed by mankind has been finished in June 2015 and got outstanding ratings in ORF!

Now, it was awarded with "Best Film" and "Best Postproduction" at the International Wildlife Film Festival Green Screen 2016!

This program takes a close look at the microcosm of woods and trees which are allowed to grow and develop without human control - and it accompanies a lively lynx family raising two cute babies.

Vanishing Kings - Lions of the Namib

"Vanishing Kings" is finished and had its premiere on ORF on the 6th of October 2015. Don't miss this outstanding documentary on five wonderful, young lions!

At the Green Screen International Film Festival 2016, it won in the category "Best Cinematography"!

Vanishing Kings got a nomination at the 2015 Jackson Hole Wildlife Filmfestival in the "Best Wildlife Habitat" category.

Nominee at the 38th Emmy Awards 2017 - Nominee: Documentary Outstanding Cinematography

Lost City of the Gladiators

This is the thrilling story of a Gladiator who is trained to be a hero in Rome’s big Arenas one day. But will he survive this way of hardship and mortal danger? Furthermore it is a remarkable story of archaeological achievements, - groundbreaking without breaking ground!

Brand new and out now!

Gentle Giant – Otter’s Paradise in Capercaillie County

Mount Oetscher is truly a ‘Gentle Giant’. Situated at the northeast end of the Alps his summit reaches not even 1.900m, but in winter you can experience extreme low temperatures in his hidden valleys. Anyway, this mountain provides a perfect habitat for a number of wild animals.

Directed by Franz Hafner this documentary got highest marks when transmitted on ORF!

Waterland Warriors – The Beavers are back

Join a young beaver on his way through Austria’s capital! Beavers have come back to Vienna just a dozen years ago. By now they are no more strangers in the city but almost citizens; and if you only know the right places you can sit down and watch them without leaving town! Thomas Rilk’s documentary is part III of his series about wildlife in Vienna.
(Part I: Wasteland Warriors, Part II: Woodland Warriors – The Empress and the Forest)

Expedition through the Reeds - Lake Neusiedl

Manfred Christ’s fascinating journey through the highly protected inner sanctum of Lake Neusiedl National Park is out now! Join us and discover the uncountable number of resident and migrating birds!

Lake Constance - Wilderness on the Water

"Lake Constance" is finished! Director Klaus T. Steindl's film takes us into the hidden places of this wonderful lake full of migrant birds!

Secrets of Bumblebees

Kurt Muendl's program Secrets of Bumblebees is ORF UNIVERSUM's best rating program in 2015! It has won several prizes at festivals throughout the world - amongst them the "Children's Program" category at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Filmfestival (Wyoming).

The macro and high speed cinematography of this one-of-a-kind documentary allow us to witness the behaviour of bumblebees, understand their biology and experience their unique abilities.

The Dolomites - In the Heroes' Garden

Kurt Mayer’s documentary on the fabulous wildlife in the legendary and fascinating mountain range of the Dolomites (South Tyrol) is finished and will be broadcast on ORF in December 2015.

Wild Venice in 4K

ORF UNIVERSUM pioneers 4K production with “Wild Venice in 4K”, exclusively presented at MIP TV 2014 in Cannes, France.

Director Klaus Steindl’s film takes us above, into and beneath the Pearl of the Adriatic, revealing unexpected wildlife highlights in crystal clear images, against the stunning backdrop of this World Heritage city.

Coming soon in 4K – the charming story of “The Grey and the Red – Secrets of Squirrels”!

Planet Sparrow

The programme about our best hated friends Planet Sparrow is finished now! We are happy to present this amazingly shot documentary about these flying survival artists!

Small and grey-brown, sparrows may seem dull, but this first impression is deceptive. They sing as prettily as canaries, they're extremely clever and their insect-hunting skills are breathtaking. The camera pursues these artists of flight through narrow alleys, revealing their spectacular aerial manoeuvres.

Nock - Mountains at Heaven's Door

It's a magic world, set in harmonious shades of green, yet always with that touch of mystery, a sense of the infinite. But, most of all, this is a quiet world, hidden high above the clouds almost all of the year - Nock - Mountains at Heaven's Door.

This outstanding documentary as one of ORF's best rating nature programmes in 2013 is available now!

A Valley Lost in Time - Ausseerland

This is the story of a landscape born of ice and rock; the story of a valley smashed and broken, crushed and teased, lowered - and raised again - by nature's elements; the story of A Valley Lost in Time - Ausseerland

Available now!

Hunting Buddies - How Dogs Discovered Man

The captivating documentary Hunting Buddies - How Dogs Discovered Man is available now!

It takes a closer look at dog and man, nature and culture - a cinematic cross-over appealing not just to hunters and dog lovers but to anyone interested in the history and development of humankind.

Keepers of the Ark - A Life for Animals

The fascinating story Keepers of the Ark - A Life for Animals is ORF's best rating nature program 2013!

This outstanding documentary shows the story about the zookeepers of the world's oldest zoo Schönbrunn in Vienna who devote their lives to the animals by witnessing birth, aging process, death and, occasionally, the end of an entire species. The unusual locations and spectacular camera perspectives in this film convey the intimacy of the relationship between keepers and animals.

Danube Europe's Amazon - From the Black Forest to the Black Sea

has been selected...

  • finalist for Best Wildlife Habitat Program, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
  • to participate in the professional films competition of the 19th Namur Nature Festival (11th - 20th October 2013 in Jambes/Namur, Belgium).

  • finalist for the international competition program of the 11th Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, Tallinn (18th - 22nd Sept. 2013).

  • finalist for Green Screen Festival / Eckernförde (Best Cinematography).
Magic Mountains - Land of the Chamois

has been selected...

  • to participate in the professional films competition of the 19th Namur Nature Festival (11th - 20th October 2013 in Jambes/Namur, Belgium).
  • finalist for the international competition program of the 11th Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, Tallinn (18th - 22nd Sept. 2013).
Return of the Hoopoe

has been selected...

  • to participate in the professional films competition of the 19th Namur Nature Festival (11th - 20th October 2013 in Jambes/Namur, Belgium).