Kottan's Investigations
Major Kottan is a homicide investigator with the Vienna police. Together with his colleagues, the one-legged Schremser and the simple-minded Schrammel, he solves cases marked by unusual circumstances and bizarre phenomena. While their superior, megalomaniac Chief Constable Pilch, makes their life and work even more difficult, Kottan unsuccessfully fiddles with his second career as a bandleader.
"Kottan's Investigations" always borders on highly charged parody and socio-critical aspiration. After all, who would expect that between everyday police work and gangland bosses one has to deal with coffee vending machines with artificial intelligence, UFO sightings or crocodile attacks? 12 episodes full of unruly corpses and absurd investigations, in short: crazy TV anarchy.
Where to, Mr. President?
Where to, Mr. President?
Wouldn't you like to see your future President pushing his own campaign car out of the dirt? See him sing along with his favorite music? Discover what kind of person really lies under his political skin? "Where to, Mr. President?" shows you exactly that. Sharing a whole day in the intimacy of a classy car, politicians open up in a new way. Unburdened of the stress of a face-to-face political discussion, two individuals travel side-by-side in the front seat. Not as opponents, but as equals. And six Mini HD-cameras travel with them. Everybody knows politicians shake hands, hold babies and talk to big audiences. But what happens after that? Normally public access ends abruptly in front of the shaded windows of the politician's car. This unique format focuses on the times when the politicians are out of the public eye. Do our representatives relax, look for feedback or complain?

As they are travelling through the country reflecting on what they see: be it farmland, schools or a high street job center. Their vision as politicians but even more as human beings is put on this big stage. Since the interviewer is the driver, the politicians surrender twice - to the interviewer and to the driver. But as co-drivers they also have to take some responsibility, like navigating the route. On top they will face several challenges which will test their NLP-trained shell and bring out their true character. A special surprise is hidden in the glove compartment, it gives a twist to the discussion and offers another intriguing camera perspective. Surprisingly often unexpected events - even a car breakdown - disturb the smooth way of the day. Our Format "Where to, Mr. President?" delivers your audience the human being behind the political mask. It will definitely change the way you see your politicians and make you think, laugh and cry at the same time.

Sensational Market Shares in Austria: 27% 12-49! 25% 12-29
Kiddy Contest
Kiddy Contest
It´s different. It´s unique.
It´s an outstanding success on TV and on record since years.

On this show kids change the big chart hits to funny versions in their native language.
»Call Me Maybe« becomes a party song for water rats.
»Hot´n´Cold« is served as »Grammatical Tangle«.
And »Born This Way« comes up as »I´m a granny fan«.
Ten hits. Ten kids.
The multi-platinum music show for kids and the whole family.
In 2009, KIDDY CONTEST won the prize for «best integrated event design & promotion» at the «Eyes & Ears of Europe» Awards.

The Battle for Water
The Battle for Water
The battle for the elixir of life - water - is currently exciting public opinion in Europe. This has been triggered by fears that the EU might privatise the water supply.The basic question is: Is water a public commodity or is it ok to do business with it on a grand scale? For the EU Commission it has nothing at all to do with forced privatisation, but rather greater transparency in public procurement. Nevertheless, opponents see the common ownership of water being threatened by the commercial interests of big business. And critics fear that water is increasingly becoming a profit-making object of speculation. The consequences for consumers are always the same - lower water quality and increased costs. But is this all just scaremongering and unnecessary hysteria?
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