Flavours of Europe
Year: 2013
Run-Time: 10 x 30 min.

Directed by Martin Traxl, Florian Gebauer
Written by Martin Traxl, Lojze Wieser, Florian Gebauer

Produced by ORF in association with ORF/3sat
Available worldwide

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (VOICE-OVER)
Format: 16:9

Flavours of Europe

Der Geschmack Europas

This tasty series explores cuisine and cultures throughout Europe. On these culinary as well as literary expeditions through kitchens, vineyards, farms and landscapes viewers will discover strange and familiar flavours and will find out more about the cultural history of Europe and its regions.

38 min. (episode 1) / 30 min. (episodes 2-10)

Episodes available:

Flavours of Europe - The Slovenian Karst
Flavours of Europe - Central Switzerland
Flavours of Europe - Transylvania
Flavours of Europe - Maremma

Flavours of Europe - Lusatia

Flavours of Europe - Spanish Galicia

Flavours of Europe - Istria

Flavours of Europe - Epirus (Greece)

Flavours of Europe - Flanders

Flavours of Europe - Gailtal (Carinthia)

NEW Sicily
NEW Bohemia
NEW Denmark

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